Vital Farms - Ruffled Feathers

As Vital Farms continued its explosive growth as the leading Pasture-Raised egg brand in the country, they still stood in the large shadow of less humane cage-free and free-range egg companies. The good news was that, when it came to buying eggs, our target wanted to make the right choice. The bad news: they were being duped. Building on the work we started with our "Bullsh*t-Free Eggs" campaign, we wanted to shine a light on the misleading nature of descriptors like “Cage-Free” and “Free Range.” But this time around, our real Vital Farms farmers gave their hens the mouthpiece. With 4 compelling videos and a photographic campaign shot by world-renowned wildlife photographer Randal Ford, we awoke our audience once again to the injustices their cage-free and free-range sisters had been getting through the lens of Vital Farms’ unwavering standards.

Art Director: Jimmie Blount
Copywriter: Joe Hartley
Video Production: Hungry Man - Amir Farhang