Tommy John - Overcome the Uncomfortable

Preacher worked with its long-time partner, modern apparel company Tommy John, to announced their first-of-its-kind women's collection. In order to help them avoid category cliches, we set out to understand the real issues plaguing women's unmentionables. Then, working with award winning actress and director, Elizabeth Banks, we brought to life these, sometimes less than subtle, stories of how women deal with unruly underwear. The work culminated with a 60 second anthem and was supported by a robust social, e-mail, digital and OOH campaign. The message was simple: it's time to overcome the uncomfortable. Because Tommy John believes that women already have enough things to handle in a day—their underwear doesn’t need to be one of them.

Art Director: Jimmie Blount
Copywriter: Joe Hartley
Video Production: Hungry Man - Amir Farhang