Knob Creek - Whiskey & Eggs

Knob Creek wanted to turn “This Creek Runs Full” into an experience that would immerse our bourbon drinker in our carefully crafted brand world. We created Whiskey and Eggs, a roadshow of hard-earned flavor. Partnering with Big Green Egg, we brought a taste of Clermont, Kentucky to top culinary festivals around the country. Our custom footprint designed with Kartwheel Craftsmanship combined the visual language of the campaign with educational elements from the distillery in a rich indoor/outdoor smokehouse, setting itself apart from the sea of white festival tents. The menu was assembled by some of our culinary heroes, and the custom food and drink pairings elevated Knob Creek’s flavor at every turn. The result? A lot of happy guests, clean plates and empty glasses.

Art Director: Jimmie Blount
Copywriter: Joe Hartley
Video Production: Hungry Man - Amir Farhang