Knob Creek - This Creek Runs Full

A quarter century ago, Knob Creek started the craft bourbon movement. In recent years, while that movement has gained full steam, Knob Creek had gotten lost in a wave of newer, trendier options. We were tasked with redefining the brand’s voice and identity across all platforms, so that this proud bourbon can reclaim its rightful place on liquor shelves across the country. Our rebrand spans print, out-of-home, web, social, video, experiential, merchandise and apparel. All pieces work together to build an aspirational brand world where experience matters and full bourbon flavor is earned the hard way. We met Knob Creek’s audience at their passion points to remind them that full-hearted commitment to a pursuit isn’t a trend. It’s a journey worth the trek.

Art Director: Jimmie Blount
Copywriter: Joe Hartley
Graphic Design: Daniel Seong
Video Production: Farm League